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Womanjah has also featured in the Carma Cohuna costume fashion parade in Melbourne.


  • Halloween, Seaford (October) – The Spell
  • Park Lane Residential Aged Care, Croydon (October) -Mystery Blue (with swords), Sultans, Cabaret Veil Dance, Drum Solo, Punk Rocker, solos
  • OMEDA Winter Showcase, (July) – Mystery Blue (with swords), Sultans
  • Assuit & Tie, Grace Space (June) – The 5th
  • World Bellydance Day, Seaford (May) – Mana Meke
  • Cape Family Festival, Cape Paterson (January) – Mana Meke, Punk Rocker, Mystery Blue and Sultans


  • Assuit & Tie, Docklands (October) – Mana Meke
  • La Danse Orientale, Brunswick (September) – Mystery Blue, Cabaret Veil Dance
  • Kismet Bazaar, Mount Waverley (September) – Mystery Blue (with swords), L’Autre
  • OMEDA Winter Showcase, Thornbury (June) – The 5th
  • WAMED Festival, Perth (May) – The 5th
  • WAMED Festival, Perth (May) – L’Autre
  • Heather’s Housewarming, Cape Paterson (April) – Mystery Blue (with swords), L’Autre, Instanbul, Punk Rocker


  • Trisnasari’s End of Year (December) – Classical PersianBambi Saidi Stick
  • Dandenong Evening View Club, Dandenong (December) –
  • Sue’s birthday party, Healesville (November) – Punk Rocker
  • Kismet Bazaar, Mount Waverley (September) – Classical Persian?
  • OMEDA Winter Showcase, Thornbury (June) – Drum Solo, L’Autre


  • Jewel Bellydance Glam Dancing Soiree, Thornbury (December) – Derwood Green, Istanbul, Mystery Blue
  • Red Earth Ghawazee’s Spirit of the Dance, Mooroolbark (December) – Fairies, L’Autre
  • CERES, Brunswick East (October) – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, Sultans
  • Cranbourne Aged Care, Cranbourne (October) –
  • Kristi’s birthday party, Ringwood (October) – Fairies, L’Autre
  • Kismet Bazaar, Mount Waverley (September) – Fusion Francaise, Fairies
  • Helen’s birthday, South Morang (July) – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, Sultans
  • World Bellydance Day? (May)
  • Welcoming Celebration for Savannah, Point Cook (January) – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, Sultans



  • Club Rakkasah (June) – Derwood Green and Mystery Blue
  • Cannon’s Creek (wedding) – Fusion Francaise and Tribal Duo
  • Mt Eliza Christmas Twilight Fair – Fusion Francaise, Cabaret Veil Dance, Derwood Green, Mystery Blue (with swords), and Punk Rocker
  • Unearthed Tribal Festival (Sydney) – Fusion Francaise
  • Club Rakkasah (October) – Fusion Francaise
  • Sea Festival Frankston – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, and Sword Dance
  • South Oakleigh Club (50th birthday party) – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Club Rakkasah – Cholie Ke Peeche


  • Rock the Kasbah (RACV Club Ballroom Bellydance Spectacular) – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, Sword Dance and Cabaret Veil Dance and Drum Dance
  • Mt Eliza Christmas Twilight Fair – Derwood Green, Mystery Blue, and Sword Dance
  • Melbourne Medieval Fayre and Tourney (Berwick Old Cheese Factory) – Derwood Green and Mystery Blue
  • Harambe (40th birthday party) – Sultan’s Dance and Sword Dance
  • Club Rakkasah – Mana Meke
  • Gippsland Scout Camp (wedding) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Rosanna Firehouse Station Community House – Mana Meke and Punk Rocker
  • Aurora Receptions (World Belly Dance Day, Red Cross fundraising) – Sultan’s Dance


  • Rosanna Firehouse Station Community House – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Rosebud Community Hall (Peninsula dance rock ‘n’ roll/latin evening) – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • The Aegean Restaurant (Jewel Bellydance Christmas party) – Mana Meke and Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Melbourne Golf Academy (40th birthday party) – Mana Meke and Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Acacia Gardens Nursing Home (resident entertainment) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Euro Trash night club, China Town (21st birthday party) – The Spell


  • Club Rakkasah – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Docklands (Mother’s Play) – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Perth Middle Eastern Festival – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Hartwell Primary School – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Mornington Community Festival – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Ashburton Gym & Sports Centre – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Langwarren Festival (Lady Murdoch’s Cruden Farm) – Cholie Ke Peeche
  • Edithvale (50th birthday party) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Melbourne Medieval Fayre and Tourney (Berwick Old Cheese Factory) – Sultan’s Dance


  • Club Rakkasah – The Spell
  • Gas Works (Mother’s Play) – The Spell and Sultan’s Dance
  • Perth Middle Eastern Festival – The Spell
  • Evelyn Estate Winery (wedding) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Frankston Dog Club – The Spell
  • Langwarren Festival (Lady Murdoch’s) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Bedazzled – The Spell


  • Club Rakkasah – Sultan’s Dance
  • Sri Lankan Ladies Tsunami Fundraising – Sultan’s Dance
  • The Aegean Restaurant (Jewel Bellydance Christmas party) – Sultan’s Dance
  • Carma Cohuna Gallery Opening – Sultan’s Dance